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PoetryDrafts 2009-11

I saw you again in the bar last night
while out for a drink after dinner
already loud and glassy eyed
by the time I stepped out at 9.

Waking with my cup of coffee
you're online with a misspelled hangover
and I feel that tug you give
with all your invitations.

Did your boss see the red
before he let you go?
Did he smell last night
on the wrinkles in your clothes?

You ask me why I don't go out
tell me all the fun I'm missing
in the hush between the laughter you wonder
when your unemployment's ending.

I'm not around enough
to tell you that you drink too much
not that I could be heard over your friends
anyways -

I will not throw one back for you
it'd just be another one too many
and I doubt I'll answer
when you finally make that sober call.

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