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I wear black
because I am in mourning;
for us so shattered
from such long sleep.
The sun is rising
the hue of the sky is lightening;
we are beginning to rouse
in this ascendance of light -
The glare
will pierce through
our closed eyes;
with recognition we will grieve
that waking is the sorrow of ending dreams.

We will leave each other's arms
with the soft sadness
that this union isn't working;
though still loom
in fogged conscious quiet
attempting to regain
the intimacy
that sleep allows.
Outside your arms
I am reacquainted with loneliness.

In the morning
will we bend towards the light
unfold ourselves:
those tender soft parts
exposed to that unforgiving sun.
or will we crouch in shadow
breathe our way to stillness.
And I know the weight of insight:
its heavy burden strapped
to bent backs
winking through the atrophy
tied to our slumber
malaised by the heat
the burn forming on our
tender pale skin
eyes still dilated
with the memory of REM.
Don't anesthetize this moment
it is a dawn that must turn over;
a growing pain
that will stitch us back together.

I wear red
in bloodlike streaks on my cheeks
because I am
bleeding out.
My awareness stains the pavement
and with knives out
I carry the nightmare
that threatens your sleep.
I drink coffee
after sunset
because I fear the hope dreams bring.
I will be here in the morning;
I will carry you back
into the light of strength.

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