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PoetryEarly Twenties

one curl of jasmine incense
dissipates into the ashen remains
of cigarette smoke
the undercurrent of sweat
sweeps across the room
with the breeze from the open window
an airplane, whispering leaves
the orange glow of one lamp
the fan's white noise
conjures a cross breeze
up and over sofa coushions

the air is damp with the humidity
of a distant storm
leaving everything suspended
in the edges of the radius
of thunder that will never
reach my ears
the wind kicks up another notch
only to bring another gust
of cool air through the window
another relief from
the day's heat

this is an addictive quiet
the slow mind of low light
a muting of the day's smells
an abbrievated version
of the stress
rendered in the quality of dreams
and this moment will never
be remembered in it's full clarity
it's light weight
an intagible, tantalizing peace
a breeze too soft too be remembered
until it hits your skin again

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