Site Info was registered on June 27, 2010. It is the rebirth of a previous website. The name came out of years of personal amusement with strange words, interest in subverting religious ideas, an obsession with the letter e, and hearing the word in the movie “The Mist”

This is a personal/portfolio website for poetry, visual art, and an eclectic mix of a blog. Content on this page dates back to 1998. The page is run on a hybrid backend of wordpress, and a system called Dogma that I began coding in 2002.

All graphics on this page are mine. I do not use any stock material, or brushes in my imagery. All photos used in graphics were taken with my own camera. All image effects were generated with basic photoshop filters, brushes and other elements.

The only exception is that some photos in blog posts are not my own.  Usually these are of some celebrity or major event, and usually the photo is well known.  If something really shouldn’t be on this page please let me know and I will remove it.

As an artist I use my body, thoughts and memories to comment on the human condition. As a person I am obsessed with learning and pondering what makes us who we are, and allows us to do what we do. If you need a reason for this page, then that would be a good one.

All content on is © to Syn Etc 1998-2011, please contact me at if you wish to use any information on this page, or content on this page posted elsewhere.