About a Blog

In college I was a Serials librarian, and a lot of my day was spent helping students research and find journal articles.  I loved that job and to date I am still that kind of nerd.  I approach blogging in a similar way, I try to write posts on issues that have intrigued me, and that I have read up on.  I like leaving readers with informative links to new resources or information.

I’m interested in a lot of things, and am easily bored.  In the past I have written topic specific blogs, and quickly ran out of steam.  So this blog takes care to not have any modus operandi, other than whatever I felt like writing in the moment.  To make this blog interesting and readable  I’ve made careful use of Categories on this blog.  I try to sort my posts when I write them, and resort them on a regular basis.

Things I like to write about:

  • Web development: php, css, browsers, Photoshop techniques, css and html validation
  • Radical Politics: feminism, anarchy, freedom of speech, anti-war, gentrification, open immigration
  • Veganism: recipes, things to buy, thoughts on being vegan
  • Pop Culture: random memes, snarking about pop stars, thoughts on patterns and changes in music videos
  • Creativity: random blogging on my own creative process
  • Daily Nonsense: best described as Daily nonsense 🙂

My biases and background that affect my writing:

  • I’ve been writing web pages by hand since 1998.  I’ve been involved in graphic design, php and mysql, and other areas of web development for about as long.  I’m a big supporter of open source software, preserving web anonymity, and my soul has belonged to Apple since 2004.
  • I am an Anarchist.  I disagree with capitalism and representative democracy.  I support forms of governance which are equal, consensus based, and in which the public has direct participation in decision making.  Read more about Anarchism.
  • I’m a vegan, been vegan for going on four years.  So any products or recipes I post reflect my veganism, and any of my opinions involving animal rights do as well.  Read more about Veganism.

Linking Policy

I love having blogs that I’m friendly with, so if you request a link exchange with me, and I accept it I will be reading all your updates, and commenting when I can.  For fairness to blogs I’m closely affiliated with, and those I am not I count them all as equals on my blogroll.  As blogs I find awesome would be there whether or we had an agreement to have a link exchange.  If you are linked on my site and want to contact me, or would like to be linked on my blogroll e-mail syn@expiation.org.