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Basic Vegan Spaghetti

This recipe is inspired by my mom who makes her own spaghetti with meat sauce and the venus factor reviews.  From what I remember this is very close to her recipe which I used to watch her make with amazement as a young child.  This is a great recipe for fall and winter as it heats up the kitchen and is quite heavy.


2 Tablespoons give or …

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Veganize It: Cream Sauce with Sausage

There are a ton of resources for vegan recipes out there, but sometimes you get a hankering for something and there are none available. Last night was one of those nights, we got some Tofurkey Sausage and I had grand plans to make my spicy tomato sauce and sausage recipe. Though when I looked in my pantry the only tomato base I had was a can of diced tomatoes. So I went hunting for a cream based recipe instead.

Penne …

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Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese, Like Momma Used to Make

I don’t know about your Mom, but when mine said she was making Mac ‘n Cheese it meant pulling a box of Kraft out of the pantry and mixing in a little milk and butter.  When I was old enough to reach the stove she’d actually tell me to just make it myself.  Initially that made me mad, but then I realized the entire bowl of mac ‘n cheese was mine.  I’d eat that radioactive orange goo until I got …

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