I Like Dull Work

So, I finally completely overdid it, it was bound to happen as I have no common sense.  By the beginning of last week I was looking very pregnant, and I definitely could not have been!  My belly would swell up by an hour into my day, and moved 1000 times as fast as Bella’s undead vampire monster baby in Twilight.  I at least had the sense to call my doctor, and he had the sense to send my ass home.  I was stuck on complete bedrest, meaning laying all the way back, feet elevated, and a heating bad on my belly, initially for 2 days.   Wednesday I snuck out of the house and within 15 minutes I was blowing up again so my bedrest continued through the weekend.

Turns out my insides are so fucked from endometriosis that when overworked my tissues can swell, the nurse at my doctor’s office referred to it as residual inflammation.


There was not much to do so I at first became obsessed with painting my nails.  So I played with my shipment from Fanchromatic Nails, and the color “I Like Dull Work” seemed ironic and …

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  1. Ugh! I cannot stand IE, despite the fact that I am forced to use it on a daily basis. I will be so glad when I get Internet @ home again. :P I am so sorry to hear about your endometriosis. I hope that things begin to improve soon. :) As for the nails, I have never gotten into painting my nails…even though I love buying nail polish.
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