Almost There


my little girl Lucifer who has been keeping me company on the bad days

I am in that space in sickness where time starts getting blurry.  I no longer have control of my sleep/wake cycles, sometimes the pain puts me in tears, sometimes it’s so normal I ignore it and overdo it, and sometimes I’m left so sore I feel like I did a triathlon yesterday rather than the reality of cleaning our house.  Surgery feels impending and far away at the same time.  The thought that this time a week from now I will be 3 days into my recovery feels unreal.   Yet, at the same time I feel the overwhelming urge to nest.  Have all my post surgery clothes clean, get everything into easy reach, clear the floors so I don’t trip, refill all my meds, etc, etc, etc. When I am well enough to really type (GEES in less than 2 weeks!) I have so much to say on Endometriosis.  The revelations and the horrors of late May through early July made me an unwilling expert on the subject.

Thankfully I have a good doctor now …

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