The past few weeks I’ve been having lots of problems, turns out they are not likely caused by the Endometriosis itself, but rather complications caused by the Endometriosis and surgery.  Last week I had my first appointment with my new gynecologist.  It was a real eye opener, and I am so thankful that I switched doctors.  The reasons why will be very clear as I tell the story :)

The appointment was fairly standard until my exam.  She told me it would likely be different than any exam I had before.  During the bi-manual examination she pressed on all the muscle groups in my pelvis.  Almost every pressure point caused pain.  A few actually caused radiating pain across my entire pelvis, and pain I have not felt since starting Lupron.

After the exam we had a lot to talk about.  I now have a diagnosis of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction caused by the long term pain and inflammation from when my Endometriosis was active.  The primary treatment is Pelvic Physical Therapy, and on average it takes about 10 sessions to resolve the muscle issues.  She also prescribed Valium Vaginal Suppositories to help relieve my near constant muscle spasms.

Initially she thought I needed to …

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One thought on “Complications”

  1. I found your site on the .org webring. It sounds like your going through a really tough time right now too. I’m glad to hear you found a good doctor. They can sometimes be hard to find. But its great when you find one and they get to the bottom of things. I wish you the best!

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