Considerations with Lupron

After a sobering appointment with my gynecologist I made the final decision to get the shot later that day.  Lupron to many is viewed as a very scary drug, and it should NEVER be started without a thorough look at all the treatment options.  It should also be started with realistic expectations.  Lupron is not a cure, in the best cases it shrinks and causes some Endometriosis to die, but the only way to thoroughly remove disease is with laproscopy.  If you stumbled across the article after a recommendation to start Lupron for Endometriosis, and you HAVE NOT had a laproscopy to confirm the diagnosis and excise diseased tissue please read and think carefully before consenting to Lupron.  Instead you may want to find a doctor who is willing and able to perform laproscopy and excision surgery for Endometriosis.
Why Was Lupron My Best Option
I had a laproscopy and excision surgery on October 2nd for Stage 3 Endometriosis and removal of a 3cm fibroid tumor.  I had dense adhesions on and around my colon though through passive inspection no Endo was found on my bowel.  I had deep lesions removed from the left and right sides in the rectovaginal space, endometriosis …

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