Working with Chronic Illness

This morning was a bathroom morning, which always means disaster and incredible pain and nausea for me.  An hour or so afterwards when my head started spinning a little less, and I felt able to get up I realized that if today was a normal work day I’d be hours into my day.  As I wrote in my last post work in a lot of ways keeps me going.  It’s a complicated dance with my illness and work but learning the steps has been more than worth it.  Every job has its own politics and issues, and every illness creates its own barriers and problems.  Though I hope that some of what helps me make the relationship work may benefit someone else.
Dealing With the Boss
This Thursday was the first time in two weeks that my boss and I were in the office at the same time, which meant it was the day for the talk.  I’ve been at my job for over four years, and have built up and amazing rapport and reputation with my supervisor.  I learned very early on that when I needed to come to her with a problem, the next step was to quickly follow with …

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