The Spirit of Counting Spoons

temp_06d874fe-cf45-4a4f-b779-5585a3d9696fLast night I came across yet another link to spoon theory that misappropriated what spoon theory is about.  Spoon theory was developed by Christine Miserandino to explain to her best friend what it is like to go through the day with Lupus.  She explained that Lupus only gives her a limited amount of energy each day, and to demonstrate this she uses the analogy of spoons.  She gives her friend 12 spoons and as her friend describes her day with each step a spoon gets taken away.  She has to plan her day to spend her spoons wisely, if she doesn’t she gets sick.  Every part of the day from taking a shower, cooking, getting dressed, driving, costs a variable amount of spoons.  Christine explains that depending on how her Lupus is treating her on any given day she gets a different amount of spoons.  She ends her analogy by stating she is thankful because she appreciates life more, and now she sees the value in every spoon she spends.

In chronic illness communities spoon theory has become very popular, and I most often see it quoted in …

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