An Even Healthier Vegan

Between quitting smoking (yeah I did that!), finally being able to eat again, restarting birth control, and heading into the deep dark winter I am at super high risk for weight gain.  Quitting smoking alone terrifies me when it comes to weight gain, last time I quit I gained 30lbs.  This time around the risk is even higher.  There is this thinking that vegans are somehow immune to eating unhealthy.  While our bad habits may be a bit different than your typical omnivore we tend to develop them.

Also I should add that time I quit smoking before?  That’s when I went vegan.  Yeah, I still gained 30lbs.

I’d love to run some numbers, but my scale is broke.  However I think it’s safe to say my first month of being a non smoking vegan has not yielded any major weight changes since my jeans are still fitting the same :)

How and what we’re doing:

  • No more fried foods.  I’m actually addicted to french fries, and I know every single fast food joint that has vegan fries.  Our fryer at home has been put away.
  • Way way way less bread.  Vegans have a tendency to become starch and carb junkies.  My weak spot has always been for bagels.  These days I get maybe one Veggie Delite a week at Subway, and one 6 pack of bagels a week to split at home.  This week we have none.
  • Greens greens greens.  I’m doing things the way they should be done and buying my produce weekly.  Every week I’m getting two 16 ounce bags of greens, broccoli, and usually one other green food.  So now five dinners a week have greens as their main course.
  • Less pasta and more quinoa.  We’ve dropped down to having pasta every 1-2 weeks rather than 2-3 times a week.  Lots of rice, and when it makes sense I’m making my own quinoa/brown rice blend.
  • Way way way less soy.  This is largely for my endometriosis and the whole soy estrogen connection.  HOWEVER overall we’d become way to dependent on faux meat products.  We’ve gone from having them most nights to may twice a week.  I’ve also switched from soy milk to almond milk.
  • Way less fake cheese, because it really is not any better for you (in some cases probably worse!) than real cheese.  And seriously cheese is just bad for you.
  • More sensible lunches when at work.  As much as it pains me sometimes I am going to Subway instead of Five Guys.  I also have started having healthy car snacks available at all times.  Raw almonds, and such.
  • No more juice.  Now I only drink water and tea.   The only exception being my one cup of coffee a day, and I will allow myself at least one soda a day.

Overall this is the plan.  Essentially it’s just a healthier and better balanced vegan diet.  What’s nice is I don’t have to worry so much about the amount I eat so long as I continue to make smart choices.  It also feels really amazing to put that amount of good food into my body.Read more at


One thought on “An Even Healthier Vegan”

  1. Congrats on quitting smoking!! :) I’m very proud of you! That’s a huge accomplishment! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    I’m addicted to fried foods as well! I tried to stop eating bad foods but I couldn’t :( I like fried chicken and baked chicken too. We need to cut down on our bread intake as well. We eat a lot of rolls, biscuits, etc. Not good.

    I wish you the best! :)

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