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Camrese Lo – 1 Month

So for my absolutely terrible periods (dysmenorrhea), and potential Endometriosis I was stated on Camrese Lo (name brand Lo Seasonique) about a month ago.  Camrese Lo is essentially a 3 month mini pill that’s supposed to reduce me to four periods a year.  The hope is that without having a menstrual cycle most of the time my inflammation and pain will be a lot better.

I have had a few of the expected side effects:

  • Breast tenderness (and growth! I’ve gone from a C to a D)
  • Spotting
  • Minor mood swings
  • Heart palpitations the first two weeks

The spotting has only occurred around my period.  When I first started the pill I was two days into my cycle, my bleeding and pain decreased within 48 hours though it took my period a few days longer to finish.  My period is due again right now and I have had some minor spotting and cramping.  This side effect is supposed to go away after the first pill cycle, and is likely due to the low hormone levels in the pill.

I haven’t had any emotional numbing or sexual side effects.  I have actually been a lot more emotionally even, and more interested in intimacy since I am in worlds less pain.

Between ovulation, PMS, my actual period, and my body recovering for 3-4 days afterward I was dealing with fatigue and pain 2-3 weeks a month.  This month I have not had a pain day that even comes close to what I used to have, and the pain I do get is easier to resolve and overall is so much less.

This little pill has given me my life back.

Seriously, I feel like I’ve been reborn.  Over the past month I have felt my energy come back, I no longer need to be worried about eating, making plans, or being physically active.

The cramps I get when I spot are like a joke compared to stabbing pains, and digging aches I was getting from my shoulders to my knees.  I am still having some tension and pain in my right leg, though over this first month it has started to resolve, and for the first time has been responsive to massage.  I’ve been able to eat and go to the bathroom regularly.

This might get TMI, though before starting this medication I often would be unable to #2 for 3-5 days at a time depending on where I was in my cycle.  The week before and during my period I often couldn’t eat normal meals due to how bloated and swollen my abdomen was.

A month ago I wanted to go to a spin jam (meet up for fire performers), I was on my period and had no hope of driving a car, not to mention being steady enough with my equipment to light it on fire.  Last night I was able to go no problem.

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