Pondering Reorganization

Sometime this winter this site is going to split in two.  Most probably won’t notice, since the majority of users view only the blog.  Despite putting the portfolio sections of this site in the primary navigation of the domain, the majority of hits are to the blog content.  Which honestly is fine by me.  Though it is silly to continue to treat this like one site.  Especially since ideally the portfolio content would have a bare bones layout that just shows off the content.  Sometime this winter I’ll be pulling the website apart.

This hasn’t happened yet because the portfolio isn’t yet complete, this Spring I restarted the Synergy project, a combining of poetry, graphic design, and web design.  I’m finally up to seven pieces, and when I get a few more I’ll finally be ready to give it it’s own section on the domain.

Synergy so far:


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