Everyday Questions

hairThe most popular thing I ask myself these days is whether or not I will be able to wash my hair.  To do so I need to be migraine and vertigo free for at least several hours.  The head pain related to migraine is popularly known for making brushing hair impossible.  Add in the neck bending and head twisting of washing hair with vertigo and it’s a no go.  I was able to go swimming on Monday so I then ask myself if that may count.

The second most popular thing I …

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One thought on “Everyday Questions”

  1. I would suggest dry shampoo, I use it a lot when I do not have the energy to wash my hair, but you kind of need to rub it into the roots and brush it out so that is likely a no go… 🙁

    Is the vertigo still this bad now? I hope things start looking up for you soon. Stay strong!
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