Back to Work on Monday

On Monday I go back to work part time.  My neurologist suggest I stay part time for awhile, but me being me, and my job being my job, I am going to try and go full time after a week.  While I still get migraine auras daily, the migraines themselves have reduced to 3-4 a week, and are resolvable with my new migraine medication, Midrin.

Oh, I also have probable Meneire’s disease.  My ENT very pragmatically explained how he cannot definitely diagnose it since my migraines are causing a clusterfuck of confounding variables.  The only other way to have a definitive …

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2 thoughts on “Back to Work on Monday”

  1. Good luck on going back to work. Hopefully going full-time will be okay for you after a week. Just don’t overdo it! Been there done that and it is not fun.

    I am on Amitriptyline for my FMS and oddly enough it has been doing wonders for my Vertigo as well. I am not really sure why but I am glad it is.

    It’s great that your neurologist is so cool and that you like her a lot. It’s really important to have doctors that you trust in and feel comfortable with.

    I am currently taking Prednisone for Asthma and possible whooping cough, its such a horrible drug side effect wise. I understand the insomnia and would be concerned about the appetite increase if the (possible) whooping cough had not completely killed it.

    I can really relate to the feeling of being scared of not being perfect and of not being completely healed when walking back through those doors at work. I had to leave by ambulance on Wednesday because I could not breath and I am so embarrassed and scared about going back, not just because of that but as you say, I am scared that I will have more issues and have to miss more work of god forbid have to be taken to the ER by ambulance again (2 times in one week).

    And of not being able to keep up and do my job. But you just have to do the best that you can do and keep in mind your limitations and keep a close eye on how you are feeling. Hopefully your employer is good and understands this. Mine does, to a point.

    Good luck and you will do fine!
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