My Health, and Why I Hate Writing About Migraines

A little under 2 weeks ago my Meniere’s Diagnosis was thrown out the window.  I saw one of the top ENT’s in the region who is thankfully 20 minutes from my home.  He seem unconcerned with the positive ecog, and took careful note of my pediatric history and damage to my eardrums, and other parts of the middle and inner ear that he could see on the MRI.  Then he did what I have been trying to get the doctor’s to listen to, hear in depth about my episodes.  He actually asked me about them.

I explained that it is in …

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3 thoughts on “My Health, and Why I Hate Writing About Migraines”

  1. Ugh… migraines are definitely the worst!! I don’t get them a whole lot, though. I rarely get them. I feel so bad for you that you get them a lot, though… that’s got to be a painful experience. Ear problems really suck, too, I actually wear earplugs a lot because I’m sensitive to certain loud noises and crap, it has to do with my allergies and drainage in the right ear (plus I have TMJ and that effects everything!). So, I don’t know how exactly you feel as far as the migraines go, but I did used to get Vertigo A LOT about 3 years ago… it kind of just went away on its own. I hope one day your migraines subside, or give you an easier time coping with them!
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  2. Vestibular physical therapy is really great. I went from not being able to walk 2 feet without listing to the right and toppling over to being able to get around pretty freely with very little vertigo on a day to day basis.

    Medication helped as well. I was put on amitriptyline which has made a huge difference in my life, it helps with the pain associated with Fibro as well so it worked two-fold for me.

    Before the vestibular physical therapy and amitriptyline I would also wake up at night with either severe episodes of vertigo and nausea or I would have episodes where I would be fast asleep and I would wake suddenly from “falling” in my sleep. It was so jerky and I just woke with a start 2-3 times a night. I did not sleep well at all.

    I really hope it works well for you!
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  3. Hello there, I just found your blog. Thanks for your info and description about migraines, I have some friends and coworkers who suffer from them, and I’ve realized how extremely disabilitating it is. They go from being up and about doing things to lying in bed completely out for hours or more. One of my coworkers had to run from work not long ago because her daughter was in the ER with suspected stroke, but it ended up that what she had was a migraine attack (as far as I know).

    Good luck with your new therapy! And, I really like your blog theme!
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