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neam3A long time ago I had the urge to start a community project concerning Endometriosis.  The reason being that it is a diagnosis where us as sufferers cannot comfortably rely on doctors due to the fact that many gynecologists do not follow the basic standards of care for the disease.  Also, it is a condition that causes a great emotional impact.  It involves bodily functions that are often considered taboo to talk about (periods, bowel movements, urinating), causes devastating emotional and physical pain, and social losses.

There were already several good support …

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2 thoughts on “A New Project”

  1. I don’t have endometriosis but have suffered from ovarian cysts in the past (in my teens and early 20’s). I find the internet great for finding information and support for my Fibro and Vertigo and am happy to see people with other conditions supporting each other. Good luck with your projects!
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  2. I don’t have Endo, but I have had problems with menstrual cycles and such. Maybe not huge, but enough to interfere in my life, that’s kind of why I’m on bc of some sort (IUD). I got too drained from the blood every month and the cramps that sent me to the hospital, more than once in my lifetime.

    Regardless, awareness is always needed.
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