No More Evil Uterus!

I had my Laproscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy yesterday!  My gynecologist also found a new spot of Endometriosis on my right ovaries and adhesions on the ascending and sigmoid colon.  My surgery was at 10am and I was home by 5.  I am so much less swollen then when I had my laproscopy last October.  I only look a little bit bloated versus 6 months pregnant.

I had no gas pains at all, my doctor actually removes all the gas when he closes up, he also rinses the inside of the pelvis with saline to reduce inflammation from bleeding, along with using interceed. …

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One thought on “No More Evil Uterus!”

  1. I’m happy your surgery went well and hopefully you won’t have anything more to worry about now that you’re all ‘fixed up’ 🙂 My aunt has Endometriosis, so I can imagine how much pain – mentally and physically you went through. She can’t even have children because of it, or doesn’t want to. I don’t know a whole lot about it myself because I don’t have it, but I know it’s mentally and physically exhausting.

    But at any rate, I’m so glad to read that you’re doing well and feeling better. The soreness is temporary, at least! 😀
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