Diagnosis and Validation

Five days ago I was wheeled into surgery.  The entire month and a half before that day is blurry from all the pain, anxiety, and irrational guilt I had felt.  Two weeks before surgery I ended up in the ER because I swore my intestines were having contractions.  I spent the rest of the week too fatigued and in pain to work.  The week before surgery I was told by my doctor and supervisor that I could not drive, and by Wednesday was collapsing from working in the office.

My emotions during that time were more painful and unsettling than what …

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2 thoughts on “Diagnosis and Validation”

  1. This is quite the story; thanks for sharing. I saw a fair bit of endometriosis while I was on my Ob/GYN rotation last year, mostly from an infertility treatment perspective (I spent a month in an infertility clinic). It’s a tough disease, and I hope you’ll be able to get some relief now.

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