The One Who Sees Right Through Me

I am thankful to be something that many idiots believe shouldn’t exist.  I am a survivor of Complex PTSD and Severe Depression.  My full time job is as a mental health therapist, and PTSD specialist.

There is a memory that comes back to me at least once a week.  I was nineteen and inpatient at one of the most “renound” psychiatric hospitals in the country.  I was a mess, about ready to drop out of college for the second year in a row.  I had sliced my body to ribbons, was terrified of going to sleep, and spent most of my …

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2 thoughts on “The One Who Sees Right Through Me”

  1. What a condescending bitch that intern was. I hate people who look down on those who are having a rough time. Mental problems does not men a lack of intelligence, it’s a sickness like any other. If anything having had mental problems yourself you have a better understanding for what your patients are going through.

  2. I’m glad you’re a SURVIVOR like myself. Makes me feel better knowing that there’s just one more person I’ve heard about or seen that’s been through some sort of shitty trauma and has been able to make it out alive.

    As much of a bitch that intern was toward you, at least you’re doing your thing anyway! That’s one thing in life you can’t let people do is to crush your hopes and dreams. At least you’re HELPING others as well… not criticizing them or being a bitch like she was. Ugh. Lame ass.

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