Apologies for the Brief Absence

I’m back, and have no intentions of going anywhere.  I had a lot going on in my personal life, and not stuff I was ready to write about.  My entire family had to move in early December, they are far enough away that I need to fly to go see them.  It’s thrown a wrench in my emotions, even though they will likely be back in a year or so.

On the plus side I’ve gotten way back into kink, enough so that I’m planning to restart the kink blog.  So there has been a lot of mental sorting as to how all this is going to work, since I don’t want this blog to go away, and I’m not planning on spending every spare moment typing blog posts.

How it’s likely going to pan out is that some posts will be cross posted here.  This blog is probably going to mostly become a web geek blog, as people have really been enjoying my posts on css, php, and html.  I also really enjoy writing about that stuff.

There’s probably going to be a bit more radio silence here as I get the other site up and running.  Though likely as I go through re-designing that page I’ll have some new tutorials to post.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to check in, and I’ll be back and posting actual content at some point in the not too distant future.

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