Morning Darkness is Eating my Soul

When it comes to time I am a fairly normal American.  I’m not so crazy that I get up at 4 or 5am to go to work, and I’m cursed with that good ole 9 to 5.  However, I like mornings (usually) in the spring and summer I get up around 6:30, drink some coffee, watch a TV show, and do some work and then get ready and am out the door by 8.

However, around October I feel a drag, as it begins to stay dark in the morning.  By the fourth week I’m losing my mind.  I start running really late, getting depressed, and having problems.

I used to not care about daylight savings time and standard time.  Now that I get up with the sun  I depend on it.  I actually look forward to seeing the sun first thing in the morning, it is invigorating, it reminds me it’s time to get ready.  It feels good to be able to see my living room . . .

This morning I kept checking the time because it was 7:15 and completely dark outside.  I am still sitting in near darkness.

This hell could have ended a lot sooner if we still changed the clocks like we did when I was a kid, in late October.

Thankfully the clocks will change this weekend, and I’m sure as hell going to celebrate and finally be able to get up on time without feeling suicidal on Monday.

Why End Daylight Savings Time?

One thought on “Morning Darkness is Eating my Soul”

  1. Ah Omg, I feel completely the same way, it is so awful, it was still dark when I was leaving today at 7:40 for school. Blah, it just makes you never want to get out of bed or do anything, very depressing. I can’t wait for it to get lighter out! Anyway, I love this new theme, it’s so amazing 🙂

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