Inspirations: Noah Grey

photo by Noah Gray

photo by Noah Gray

It was January 2001, several years before on a whim I had started a journal on my site, just to let some of the noise out of my head.  I was a freshman in college and by this point it had been brought to my attention that many of my friends used my journal as a way of keeping up with me.  So I decided to keep it around, though it was getting really annoying to write my …

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2 thoughts on “Inspirations: Noah Grey”

  1. Very cool. I, too, began using GreyMatter shortly after discovering Blogger – hard to believe it’s been so many years ago! But learning how to use GreyMatter gave me the boost I needed to turn blogging into something more than just a passing novelty. I communicated with Noah a few times back then – turns out we literally lived within a few miles of each other at the time!

    Very grateful to Noah for his contribution to the online world.

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