Vegan! Four Years and Counting!

Four years ago today I was stumbling through my early days of veganism. I went vegan on September 1, 2007. Something deep inside of me had been telling me it was the right thing to do.  On the first I was ready and cut all milk and eggs out of my diet, I started reading beyond diet reviews, finding cookbooks, dealt with the criticism of friends and family, replaced all my leather shoes, figured out what make-up to buy.  Days of success turned into months, and after a while I didn’t even  think about it.

Meat no longer registers as food to me.  I can make anything that I could possibly want to eat.  Being vegan is now a seamless part of my daily life.  Everyone around me now accepts that it is just a part of who I am.  This a quick little affirmation as to why I do this, and some education for any who might be interested.  Also, I like to think that at this point I am a testament to the fact that being a vegan long-term is possible.  It was supportive long time vegans in my life, who made it possible for me to do this.  It is time to pay it forward.

Why I am vegan:

  • Animals feel, and interact with us in a way that we can relate to.  This is clear through us keeping dogs, cats, mice, birds, lizards, and countless other creatures as pets.
  • Therefore chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals that mainstream society view as food at the heart of it are no different from animals we cherish and love.
  • Not eating animals isn’t enough, the way we treat the cows we milk, and the chickens we get eggs from is inhumane.
  • Cruelty towards any living creature creates the potential for harm towards other living creatures.  Essentially our cruel treatment of animals aids to the desensitization of our cruel treatment of one another.
  • In modern day society the butchering of animals, and the process of milking and getting eggs is well hidden.  Though just because we can’t see it does not mean we do not participate daily in this cruelty by eating meat, milk, and eggs.
  • Very similar to how in modern day society we hide poverty and suffering of people.  We distance ourselves even in war through the use of technology.  Being aware of how we treat animals, highlights and deepens the awareness of how we treat one another.

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