Summer Love

Today we both had off of work, and we thought it would be a lovely idea to finish working on our yard. This was a grand plan until we realized it’s 97 degrees outside. Thankfully yesterday afternoon we put the air conditioner back in the downstairs window, and it was there for us after about 30 minutes of trying to get things done outside.

So I went ahead and finished the layout I had started on a whim yesterday. I wanted something that felt more like the current season.

A couple of things I really love right now:

Born this Way by Lady Gaga
No surprise we got the album the day it came out, though I didn’t really give it a full listen until a few days later.  Initially I missed the rich, heavy, and complex beats.  Born this Way is different, but I like it.  It’s a good summer album.  Just as dancey (if not more so) as the Fame Monster, though simultaneously a lot lighter.  So far my favorite songs are “Scheiße”, “Blood Mary”, and “Highway Unicorn”.  Gaga is one of the few things to date that makes me wish I was 15 again.  It would have been nice to have the pro freak pop queen on my side when I was in high school.  This album is great for the kids.  Nearly every song makes some attempt at providing an empowering message.  Her lyrics still lack some depth, but compared to rest of the pop music world she’s making more of an attempt than most.

PNG 24
I’m old school, alright?  I remember way back when PNGs first came out all the designers got all excited, and then it was discovered that many browsers did not support them.  Then a lot of programs only offered the ability to save 8bit pngs, which were really not that much better than gif and was poorly supported.  Then they were supported but the files were too large.  I feel like a moron, but this layout is the first to really use PNG.  Both header graphics (and yes there are only two!)  are PNG 24 using transparency throughout the image.  I took a hit on loading time but I hope the one poor soul out there with a phone modem forgives me.  PNG’s ability to rock the alpha channel has totally made my past couple of days.

CSS3 Font-Face
Ok, we’ve already established that I’m old school.  Used to be if you wanted nice looking text for navigation, you’d best set a few hours aside for image splicing in the graphics editor.  I started seeing a higher incidence of font embedding on webpages, I remember back in 2008 I managed to do font embedding but it was incredibly complicated.  However, now with broader css3 support it’s only a few lines of code.  This makes me a very happy girl.

21st Amendment Beer
This beer is awesome, it has made my very hot weekend.  Spent all of last evening outside on the back porch, this beer made the entire evening as pleasant as could be.  This is a great summer beer, especially if you don’t want to quite remember just how hot it was outside.  “Brew or Die” is awesome, and I’m usually not a big fan of India Pale Ale.  If you’re of age, try to find some 😉

One thought on “Summer Love”

  1. Ah I love lady gaga shes amazing (:
    I gotta love the font face css 😀
    I’ve never heard of that beer before >.<
    anyway, great site! Just passing through (:

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