My Tech Lifehacks

IMG_0422Recently I have been getting super organized and through that process I’ve there are some tech tips that I truly love and are making my life much easier.


  • Login! – By logging into chrome you can sync your bookmarks, extensions, and browsing history with multiple devices. While yes, I don’t like Google knowing that much about me, the benefits are worth it. I even have all my bookmarks on my phone.
  • Chrome for iPhone – it is super stable, and as mentioned above it syncs with a Google account if one is logged in.  Extensions don’t carry over though 🙁
  • Slick RSS – This extension gives me an RSS reader that is a part of the browser, and it shows feed updates from the chrome toolbar. It has an option to load feeds through a Bookmarks folder. Installing the Feed Finder as well will add a button in the location bar to add RSS feeds with a single click if the site has a feed.
  • Native URL Shortener – Is an extension that adds a toolbar button that will shorten the current URL with a single click and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Silver Bird – A Twitter extension that allows for composing Tweets and viewing Tweets from the browser.
  • Twitcher – A chrome extension that lets you switch between different Twitter accounts when on the Twitter website.
  • Post to Tumblr – An extension that only adds Tumblr posting functionality to the toolbar, but also creates a context menu for Tumblr posting from the current webpage.


  • I’ve started adding addresses to my contacts. So I can prompt Siri to give me directions from that contact and essentially get navigation on the fly.
  • Using Siri to compose text messages.
  • Music – I’ve started making playlists I actually like and syncing them with my phone. I also am downright abusive with Siri when it comes to getting Siri to play what I want.
  • I bought a car vent mount for my phone.  So now my phone is mounted right beside my steering wheel. I can also easily change positioning from portrait to landscape.
  • Paying for unlimited 4G for my phone, and up to 7 gigs tethering for my Laptop. I got a special deal through T-Mobile where I get it for $20 for our entire family plan.
  • App – I have all my blogging projects connected to my account, the app makes it easy to make lots of different changes to my sites, along with being able to make and edits posts.
  • Tiny Scan App – Essentially allows you to take a picture of a document, it helps edge find and has an easy to use tool to define edges, and then it filters the image (it has multiple settings) to make it look like a scan. It also allows for creating multi page scans!  It also has easy sharing from this like e-mail and Dropbox.